Ionic Framework Training

The Ionic framework is an open source library of mobile-optimized components in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It provides developers with tools to create robust & optimized applications that work on the both Android & iOS. Ionic aims to clarify the process of creating applications for many platforms, excluding the need to duplicate the same code in multiple languages for different platforms.

Ionic framework training Institute helps to learn mobile app development framework that helps developers in building and expanding hybrids mobile applications. We help the developer to create cross-platform mobile apps in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript by understanding the Iconic framework and giving the native look and feel on each platform without learning various languages for various platforms, you can your apps in the language that you are comfortable with.

You can find this framework in native mobile development SDKs along with different functionalities including:


Extensible Base Theme

Mobile Components

Interactive Paradigms

The ionic framework is developed on AngularJS, making it the great SDK for developing robust mobile applications with advanced features & cross-platform usability.

Who should do this Ionic training course?

This course was designed for web developers who need to gain skills in new & upcoming technologies to make the career in this ever-changing mobile app landscape.

Ionic Framework Training Course Content

what is ionic


Setup Environment

Mobile App Types

Angular Fundamentals

Installing Ionic & Cordova in CLI

Installing NodeJS

Android Studio and SDK


Ionic CLI

Ionic UI

Ionic Components

Ionic Storage



Loaders, Modals, and Popovers



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